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26 November 2011


Mel Smith

Mugabe is the perfect example of why homophobia is so dangerous.

Kevin Perez

Wasn't this the conscious of many Europeans in the 16th century of tribal Africans customs, beliefs and traditions? That they were morally inferior, degenerates, savage, and sub-human? Post-colonialism doesn't even begin to explain this mess.


One of the greatest contributions to the world today would be if someone would assassinate Mugabe and be replaced by a more humane leader and not only for the welfare of gays in Zimbabwe but also for all the people of Zimbabwe. This insane despot has single-handedly destroyed a nation to the extent that some people are picking kernels of corn off the ground to avoid starvation. While Mugabe lives in a palace.

Homosexuality is condemned by insects? Not my insects. What a stupid and evil man.


Condemned by insects?!

That is the first time I've ever heard that rhetorical flourish. Unless "insects" is just the nickname of his political party...

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