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04 December 2011


Messy Marvin

"You morons. We're here to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS across the globe, and here y'all are continuing the same bigotry that's helping to keep the disease alive."

THERE'S your opening line.


I agree with Messy Marvin. And these morons are in every country in Africa. It is bigotry homophobia and prejudice "vomited" out of religions which then infect the government and ultimately the people. They are all destructive and evil forces.

Kevin Perez

No, you and these fools need a scapegoat to project your decencies and faults to address bigger issues. It seems the people of your land and else where in the continent aren't particularly good at anything but scapegoating the ghey and harping about colonialism and the Western world.

Don't you have better things to do than preach to us heathens and degenerates?

Kevin Perez

The post that I was responding to was deleted? What happened?

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