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16 December 2011


Kevin Perez

Wow! It hasn't even been passed and there's already backlash! These jackasses were going beat the "homosexuality is a product European colonialism" meme, though regardless. It seems its more about diverting attention from bigger issues and simply looking for a scapegoat. Hitler did the same thing in Nazi Germany with the Jews in the 1930s. Ideally speaking, if there were mass protests against these actions from everyone around the world, in the context that this is immorally wrong and a violation of basic human rights and human decency, then these corrupt leaders couldn't simply depend of memes of European colonialism and oppression anymore? Or would it simply create more backlash and animosity? What do you do in a situation where it REALLY does seem "damned if you do, damned if you don't"

It's difficult for me to entirely give into the notion that all of this solely the consequence European colonialism and USA involvement. I'm not going to apologize fr expressing discomfort that it almost seems there is an attempt at rationalization and justification. Post-colonialism and neo-colonialism exist but I'd figure if they're so angry with told "West" meddling in their affairs, where are the complaints of American involvement?

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