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12 December 2011



It is FRIGHTENING to me that America is at the front of trying to criminalize homosexuality around the world AND insure that none can seek refuge here.

This kind of behavior is DEPLORABLE. But it's also interesting that the criminals may have wanted his money because of the idea that THE GAYS have lots of money and they probably thought he came home FLOWING!



Kevin is absolutely correct. This behavior is horrible but its unfortunately often reinforced by our political and church leaders.

Thanks Rob for staying vigilant on all African news. I am so damn proud of you for being invited to the motherland.

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This is just so sad. Unfortunately we live in a world where different people are always thought to be worse than everyone else and therefore they become victims of common rage so often.

Account Deleted

The entire planet seemingly on the bottom looking south and who sleeps with whom is how we're confronting the world in free fall.

How tragic.

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