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23 January 2012



Is this... a win?


A gay republican is like a black klansman, Nobody wins in the end because it's so ridiculous.

Chitown Kev

In New Jersey...yes...its' a win...C. Christie is many things but you really don't get the insufferable bigot vibe from him.

I doubt whether Harris is a teabagger type, probably more of a Rockefeller/George Romney type of Republican.

Congratulations to Mr. Harris


Very nice writeup.


"yes...its' a win"

We really don't know that, Kev.

You say you think Harris "probably" is a Rockefeller Republican. That breed is extinct, even in new Jersey. The Republicans are somewhat moderate there (Whitman, etc) but are BUSH Republicans. And let's not forget that Christie REMOVED the only black justice on the supreme court.

Not sure why you think this is a win. Harris is an upper class black gay man who votes GOP. If Harris votes to strike down affirmative action, supports school vouchers or union busting, it's not a win for working folks or black folks.

Also, the black Democrat justice that Christie removed supported marriage equality and voted for the civil unions decision.

I'll say it's a win after Mr. Black Gay Republican votes on issues that affect folks in Newark and Irvington.

Chitown Kev


Rockefeller Repubs aren't quite extinct (you run into a few of those Rokefeller...or should I say Everett Dirksen Republicans right here in Illinois).

And you run into a few of them in Massachusetts too. I don't have to agree with them (or anyone else) on every issue. IIRC, Mr. Harris does support marriage equality.

As far as school vouchers and union busting, as a Chicagoian, I'm not about to throw stones at Mr. BGR when we have Rahm Emmanuel at the local level and Arne 'Charter Schools" Duncan at the national level.


Kev: Harris is a Black Republican corporate lawyer ... who happens to be gay.

Christie supports Romney (previously supported Bush) and removed the only black on the court. Almost two years later he nominates another black man ... a Republican corporate lawyer who is marginally qualified and happens to be gay. I wouldn't be surprised if Harris supports Romney, too. If you call this a "win", good for you.

Dalton's points about Christie trying to restack the court, school vouchers, uinion busting and bailing out cities like Camden and Irvington is quite valid. We're not talking about Massachusetts, we're not talking about Illinois, we're talking about New Jersey. We're not discussing Rahm Emanuel and Chicago, but you often throw everything against the wall and hope something will stick to change the subject.


Wow, the gay guy "supports" marriage equality! How courageous! So did the majority of the (straight) NJ Supreme Court and the black Democrat who Christie refused to re-appoint.

Yawn. A black gay Republican is still a black Republican and is still a Republican.

Chitown Kev

Not trying to change the subject at all.

I just have never casually assumed that simply because someone has a D behind their name that they're all good (growing up in Detroit can make you rather cynical about that) Nor do I assume that Harris is all good or all bad.

A simple congratulations is all that's really necessary at the moment...and I'm through with this because these blog piefights are getting tiring.

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