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19 January 2012



Rod, congratulations on the well-deserved recognition!


Congratulations! I hope that you win, and truly appreciate all of the hard work. This is the first and only place that I can find information about the African diaspora.

Former COGIC

Two nominations. TWO!



Fantastic! Werk, werk!

Congrats on all your hard work. I am soooo happy that you were recognized.


Congratulations! If anyone deserves it, you do!


the recognition is very much deserved. you're a fantastic writer, have written for magazines and television, and your blog is the top resource for black gay men on the web. bravo!

Derrick from Philly

Yes!!! And like everyone else says, you deserve the recognition, Rod.

Ken Lightner

Bravo! Bravo!

Greg G

This is wonderful. Many congratulations and here is hoping that you win! You deserve it. This blog is my required daily reading. You're the only blog that covers news from across the black diaspora.

And excellent news on the Ebony nod. It's too bad your cover stories and columns at The Advocate were never nominated. There were great.

Good luck!



Kevin K

I hope that the movie Pariah wins an award.


Of course you were nominated. I fully expect you to win the Magazine category. That article was MAJOR and in Ebony, which is iconic and is read by millions every month.

Here's hoping that Pariah wins, too, but Weekend is also nominated in that category. The good news is that Pariah was nominated for 7 NAACP Image Awards.

Sean F

Congrats on the well-deserved nods!


I am quite proud of you Rod. Congratulations for having a singular voice.


"We". Is that a royal "we"?


Not only for your article should you be recognized, but your body of work and the consistancy with which you produce it.

It is quality, professional writing with good solid research behind it. You err on the side of caution if you feel the facts aren't there to support an opinion about certain stories.

You may print the story because it is out in the media, but only after a number of sources, but yet won't comment on it unless it is substantiated. That is quality and someone who loves what they do, and their audience. You should win whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Good work Rod. Good work.


congrats Rod! definitely worthy of the awards. Thanks for all you do!


I am so proud of you I could spit!!! WOW. Congratulations, King. They are both well-deserved and WE, the collective, are going to celebrate with YOU!


Hey Rod!! What happened to my congrats? I wrote a long explaination as to why I feel you really should win, dealing with how you are indeed consistant and thorough, and professional. You do your research more than quite a number of writers and err on the side of caution, if you feel all the facts aren't there, unlike a number of other writers. Well anyway, maybe it got lost in the ether of the internet. I do hope you win and you do deserve to win.

A. Ronald

Work. It. Out!

What Rev Kev said. Two nominations, writing for EBONY, covers at the Advocate, producing for ABC News, invited to conferences in Africa and Europe ... Yes dammit! "We" are so proud of you! Represent!


A. Ronald

And it goes without saying ... ignore the TROLLS, folks. You know there are haters in our community.

Chitown Kev

Congratulations, Rod!




Co-signing Diva, Rev Kev and the many others. You go! Bravo on Ebony, Bravo on the blog, bravo on Ethiopia, bravo on GLAAD nominations ... This is the top source for Black LGBT news, you have a great eye for politics, news, entertainment, fashion, HIV news ... it's just excellent. I am so proud you are reporting for Ebony, just as I was proud of your work for the Advocate.

DIVA makes a great point. It's obvious your blog and writing come from your years writing tv news. You research and cite facts, you don't saturate the blog with the sensational gossip, and your writing is superb. You have street cred with "the children" and you're respected by the powers that be.


King Drive

You deserve to be nominated and should win both categories. Good luck. Represent my brotha!

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