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06 January 2012


Aamir Swag


Former COGIC

Very nice.


Uh, they look like twins......


This is the cutest thing ever.

@lightskinbruh, your statement is tantamount to "all black people look alike." If you can't see the differences in people of another race that's okay, but don't be a jerk about it.


Procrastination, he was not saying they all look alike. He was just pointing out how some gay couples (and lesbian couples) look alike: same height, glasses, hairstyle, style, etc.


Call me crazy but I'm shocked 2 asian guys dating.


@James. I was thinking the same thing. EVERY gay Asian-American I know is obsessed with white guys. I have never met a gay asian couple


They are a Filipino/Hispanic couple. Actually there are several Asian ethnic groups that prefer African American men.


very cute, no matter what color or race.


@ Zambos,..that's a generous interpretation but that's not what his text reads. "uh, they look like twins....." is dripping with cynicism and unfortunately racism.

To add insult to injury, you have more fools like James and Jarron generalizing and making stupid statements. As a person of color did you learn nothing about discrimination? The very best thing you could think to comment about this beautiful picture is a dumb @ss generalization about Asians? Good grief. Even if it was the first through across your mind, you then tactlessly sat there and typed it and submitted it. F*ckin clowns.


Love to see such happy faces on people, they are a couple of cuties too :)


I don't think they look twins but they do look a lot alike and it's not a racial. I would say the same if it were a black, white, latino couple that look similar. People are so quick to make everything a racial issue. Also studies about attraction indicate that people are strongly attracted to look-a-likes in physical and social appearance ("like attracts like") And don't pretend like you haven't heard couples that are together for a long time start to look like one another. Jay-Z and Beyonce are started to look alike to me.


BOTH just handsome...and they look very happy together.


Awesome! Love this shot.

Black Pegasus

Cute pic, but neither one of them would date an equally attractive Black Man, so meh. And I agree with the previous poster; most asians are obsessed with White males. That is a fact, and I don't care to argue about it.....Life is too damn short for human beings of ALL COLORS to have issues surrounding Race.


"Life is too damn short for human beings of ALL COLORS to have issues surrounding Race."

@Pegasus - Did you read what you wrote? Clearly you have issues about race yourself. You're stereotyping Asians, (ignoring the fact that one of these guys is not even Asian,) and you're hating on these two ("meh") because of a poor supposition that they wouldn't want you based solely on your race - maybe they wouldn't want you cause they have each other and you're a racist jaded bigot, just maybe.

Chitown Kev

oh, dear...

nice pic...the conversation here, meh...(other than Procrastination X)


Come on now! We all know Black Americans have a "thing" or pre-occupation with race & color. When I saw this photo (actually on another blog yesterday), I thought these guys were very attractive and many of the comments I have read did cross my mind. HOWEVER, at the end of the day - we only see a picture. We do not know anything about these young men. accept they are in the military -- we truly do not even know that they are indeed gay or a couple.


To each his own but I don't think they look alike? The guy on the left is a little darker, has a wider nose, and eyes which are more Asian looking. The guy on the right has a rounder head too. Whatever...it's a beautiful picture and that's all that matters.

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