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05 January 2012


Derrick from Philly

Thanks for this link, Rod. It's fantastic!


The photos are great. However, it does not mean these men were gay or anything. This is how photo's were taken back in those days. I have pictures of my Dad and his friends posing like some in the pictures featured on Flickr. I think the captions are not correct. You cannot infer same-sex relations by a photo unless you have historical information to back it up.


Ashe: We all are aware of that. And the first page of the photo gallery says that, too. But thanks for playing hall monitor.

chris w.

Thanks, Rod. This is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to look at more the the photos.


Is the whole collection a fantasy, or are the photos actually vintage?


These photos are very nice. Thanks for the link.

Honut Sinti

I love the photos.

The hand on hip standing was the manly pose in the day. I have a photo of my father when he was 19 with his buddy almost in a similar setting. And wouldn't you know it? My twin sister and I would subconsciously strike that same hand on hip pose when we were relaxed.



Too bad Trent Kelley, the creator of the photo-stream just disappeared of the face of the earth, highly gifted individual with a lot of insight- missing you bronzebuckaroo!


It's obvious that most of the men in these photos are just friends. Some might be couples but most just look friends or even relatives hanging out together.

Former COGIC

Many of the comments here are typical and sad. Black gay men are programmed to criticize any open expression of affection between black men, and tenaciously will argue that someone isn't "gay".

Ivan, Ashe, etc: No one said most of these men were gay. The operative condition here is HISTORICAL. Generations ago it indeed was common for men to be much more close physically, in public or pictures, so many men COULD have had secret lives or partners and few people would have thought otherwise.

Ivan how is it "obvious" that most of these men in this photo gallery were straight? There were more than a hundred photos, you checked them all and none passed your excellent historical gaydar? Child please ...

Seems to me like these photos struck a nerve. Almost every black person has seen older photos of uncles, great uncles or grandfathers and some of y'all are having panic attacks. Just enjoy the beauty. SMH


It's not about being programmed to "criticize any open expression of affection between black men, and tenaciously will argue that someone isn't "gay".

Its about labeling something for what it is an not making leaps that are NOT JUSTIFIED. Your complaining that they didn't take a leap to fit into folks fantasy and thats silly. Another brother mentioned a site where it claimed all these black gay loving photos when there was again, NO PROOF! Just because a person is black and gay doesn't mean they should shun common sense for the sake of someone else's fantasy. Would have been just as easy to say we have a collection of pictures of beautiful black men, I "wonder" if any were couples? Leave the high horse in the barn until needed next time.


Thanks for the post Rod, my comments were NOT geared towards you.

Jay Dub

I checked out the photostream and though i enjoyed them, i couldn't help but think the word "couples" and the term "hidden" were somewhat misleading. The implication being that these were images of gay black men who were in a (proven) relationship. While a lot of the pictures featured men seemingly with each other, i found many of the photos of what seemed to be actual, related brothers, simply posing with each other. It would have been helpful if the captions made it more clear exactly who/what we were looking at. Also, in quite a few of the photos, the term "African American" seemed misplaced. Sure, i know black people come in all shades and colors, but there were some where i thought it doubtful that even the subjects displayed would have included themselves in group. Once again, it would have been nice to have captions giving some clear background on the image.

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