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03 January 2012



Grown up men cannot be forced into anything unless it is through torture. Even when we are poor, always have choices; we just refuse to exercise them.


Who said they weren't being tortured? You're 1000 miles away from home with no resources and no way to get back, and these folks basically have your life in their hands. Not all torture is physical in nature.

Former COGIC

@AfroGay: Do you even believe that? Surely you can't, because you're aware that many, many Kenyans, Ugandans Filipinos, Bengalis, Indians, etc travel to Gulf States to work and SURRENDER their passports and then are ABUSED and sometimes held against their will.

Derrick from Philly

"Grown up men cannot be forced into anything unless it is through torture"

Well, until you put one in court for child support. And his torture will last until his baby graduates highschool.


While I remain skeptical about these claims, I think I need to research this a little more. I thus wish to retract my assertion.


On closer examination, this story doesn't make sense. If true, these gay guys head to the Middle East when the already know about the sex deal.


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