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23 January 2012


Rodney B.

Your lead photo is saying many things. LOL.

But for a man to blow thru $80 million and have all this baby mama drama shows he is just like lots of african american athletes...immature, irresponsible, arrogant...need I continue? well maybe he needs to find a boo who is currently working in the NFL so he can help pay those "leeches" of women who he had kids with. LOL


he should understand that even tho he may not have the "money" he has life! and there are people goin thru far worst than him..he needs to be greatful!life is not over!


80 million dollars???!!! he's either a liar or just a plain ole fool. no one needs five mansions, eight luxury cars, and four million dollars worth of gauche diamond jewelry.

some black men scare me. they finally achieve the much vaunted american dream and when they do, they trick the money off in the words of judge mathis.

80 million dollars could last any twenty people for two lifetimes.

yes, we're in a recession and the economy is in the toilet, but there are people living quite comfortably and happily who are only earning $80,000 a year. then again, those people are not living like they are the king of siam.

i'm going to let this go, but when will our black men learn that accruing a lot of stuff--most of it gauche and over the top--is not the end all be all? when you stockpile a lot of meaningless, expensive stuff in your life, all you do is attract equally shallow, parasitic people to you.

people who really care about you don't give a damn about stuff. it's the leeches who want to see you spending like a fool so some of the overflow will spill upon them.

he wonders that he doesn't have any friends. he wasn't trying to cultivate friends. he was creating an environment for parasites. when the blood or money is sucked dry, the parasites fall away on to the next unsuspecting fools.

Chris w.

This is a sad story. I know T.O. was a diva, but I never took him too seriously. I could always see through to his vulnerable side. He is also quite sexy. I wish good things for him.


It's a shame how so many athletes get caught up in believing their own hype. The sad thing is that he's probably a really nice guy when you peel back all the layers. PS. the body is all that.


now i guess he'll see who truly loves him and who truly has his back, now that the $$$ is gone, all those non-black women he was chasing after when he was making $$$, let's see where they are at this point in his life . .. .


Same script different cast. Just sad.


Hes still young still has that body... he could escort LOL! joking

But I am tired of these guy getting on top and not saving anything for a rainy day... there will always be rainy days

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