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05 January 2012



I think Kris is fine and I would climb all up in his. But like most reality shows, they are boring as hell and have to make a story out of nothing.


I have to confess I thought the guy was gay too. However, I've never asked or harassed someone about it like that. Its rude and certainly not something to be addressed in front of cameras. However, THE SHOW IS AS FAKE AS PLASTIC AND THE STORY IS LIKELY MANUFACTURED DRAMA!


Kris couldn't be given anything else to talk about because he doesn't get to talk about the K family...LOL.

So silly. He's a doll but he's an idiot.

Mark Norris

That would be a dream come true for me if Kris Humphrey was gay. That dude is ONE TALL FINE ASS GLASS OF WATER. Yummmmm!


I love Kris ... and of course I thought he was one of the 1/3 of the NBA that's gay ... THIS JUST CONFIRMS IT ... he needs someone to guide him right and maybe he would be outting himself on E! ....


Shut the hell up Kris, looking like Herman Monster with that big forhead.


The publicist? A big ol' Sissy-Mary! Kris? A handsome stud-jock!

Jay Dub

This is just another way for the Kardashians to make dude look bad. Make him look like a crass homophobe and the audience will see why she decided to divorce him so quickly. Her PR person(mom) is so savvy.

Honut Sinti

Kris. Forget her! Bring your coupon to my store and shop. We got prime choice.

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