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29 February 2012



This is shaping up to be a HUGE MESS!


They need to shut the hell up. Period. And his mealy mouthed apology does NOTHING to reverse the irreparable damage he and CHANGE ATLANTA have caused.

Kevin Perez

The kid is the exact same age as I am and he is an activist? I'm sorry if this sounds mean or judgmental but it's incredibly disturbing that this is what passes of as "activism". A person in the closet like myself shouldn't judge, I know but it's absolutely horrendous and insulting. From time to time, I hear discussions and thoughts on diversity, tolerance, and multiculturalism, as well as progressiveness and having allies but sometimes I feel it's just lip service and useless sound bytes. With "allies" like these, who needs adversaries? It's very scary that those in my age group, who are often perceived as being more supportive and understanding in this day and age, as well as more progressive, can be just as unsupportive, problematic, and part of the problem.

More than ever I cannot blame or hold it against anybody that's Black and LGBT that still is in the closet. The contempt society, no, the FREAKING world has is unbelievable.

Kevin Perez

I couldn't find a official website but I stumble upon this:



Following are some highlights from the interview with Change Atlanta "activist" Devin Barrington-Ward:
"At a Feb. 25 Change Atlanta meeting and press conference at the Rush Center, Ward said he supported White but also did not want to see the three suspects — black teenagers — thrown into a “broken” judicial system.

I stand behind Brandon White, and I stand behind Brandon White because he is my brother, even though I never personally met Brandon… Just as much as he is my brother so are the individuals that attacked him, and we have to as a community talk how we bridge the gap between the victim and the ones who inflicted the pain upon the victim,” Ward said then."

This is insanity and Ward is an idiot. Is this what passes for "black gay activism" in Atlanta these days? Ward obviously does not care a whole lot about JUSTICE for Brandon. Ward's primary concern is making sure Brandon's attackers are not sent to prison. Ward is doing serious damage to Brandon's case by continuing to talk about it in public. Ward should SIT DOWN and SHUT UP about this case.

Ward has a strange idea of what gay activism is. For starters, he should support the VICTIM. The victim in this case is Brandon White. He is the ONLY victim.

The thugs who attacked Brandon are NOT victims of anything except their own bad behavior for which they should be punished and punished severely.


Rod, looks like you some mentoring and training for these "activists" really needs to occur. Who needs enemies when you have "activists" like this? Glad the perps were arrested and indicted so quickly. Such an unfortunate and sad situation.

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