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27 February 2012



I'm glad to hear that Brandon White's attorney has finally said that he did not know his attackers.

It's disturbing, however, that some "black gay activists" in Atlanta were so quick to throw Brandon under the bus when it was alleged a few days ago that he "knew" his attackers.

It's as if a black gay man has to be "perfect" in order to be considered a credible victim of gay bashing and/or discrimination based on sexual orientation. Who among us, after all, is "perfect"?


This is going to be interesting!


Is this one of those stories where at the end you get to choose your own ending???? Cause I dont know WHAT to believe right now......

Bourbon Street

Chile please. This story gets messier and messier by the day. Blaming the victim and taking the word of some street trade. Those so called black gay Atlanta activists are a mess.


I just cannot understand why the "gay activists" said anything about the actual facts of the case and scenario unless they were there. I mean the rush to judgment and running all up in the media - it is the same "bad look" - over and over time and again. SHUT UP! These so called "activists" may have damaged the Defense's case. Retract - in the age of internet you cannot take video back once it is out there. The have tainted this victims credibility. I'm too threw! Is the video from inside of the store? That's what the should have been trying to review. I swear monkeys would have just stayed up in the tree and ate a banana!

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