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08 February 2012


Chitown Kev

What the RevKev said...

and of course, I am reading these same black gay voices talk about racism in the gay community w/GLAAD...which IS a legit issue but...

I also remember one of the best, most thoughtful comments here at Rod more or less stated that blacks do have a tendency to talk better about some topics and issues than other.

On some of those others, there's the fear of airing the race's dirty laundry...among other things.

Which circles back to RevKev's comment...it's easier to look at racism and the ways in which it harms and demeans. Much harder to look at and air grievences against the crazy uncle...but sometimes that's what you have to do...and yes, sometimes you pay a price for it.

Chitown Kev

...and I won't even pile on about the ascot.

I will say that I've never worn one, lol

Chitown Kev

and here comes Roland's wife with her BS


Geeez....the hairline, multiple chins an the ascot? Whew, dude has a lot goin on.

Aamir Swag

Hearing Dave Chappell's voice...

Chris w.

My gaydar is terrible as usual. I assumed he was gay and out. His clothing choices are always so flamboyant.

Mel Smith

CNN took the correct action.

Honut Sinti

It seems like these hateful outbursts from "public pukes" are planned along with the peddle-back pronouncements of apologies.

It's all coarse and nasty game playing.

Shannon 1981

I just cannot, for any reason, understand people saying these things over twitter.I myself have a twitter account. Is it off the cuff, spur of the moment? Of course it is. But that does not give license to public personalities to use this avenue of communications to tweet hate against an already marginalized group of people. I am both Black and LGBT, but I gotta stand with the LGBT part on issues such as these. Furthermore, as a victim of that horrid ex gay nonsense, I certainly do know firsthand that Roland Martin, his wife, and everyone involved with them are more than likely more than a little homophobic. Good job, CNN. Good riddance, Roland Martin.

Kevin Johnson

Tony, that was funny. He does have a lot going on.

Black Pegasus

I'm disappointed in Roland for his ignorant and bigoted views concerning Men's masculinity. If anyone should be slapped, it's Mr. Martin.


Water seeks its own level.

Roland S. Martin can only blame his own words and actions for this suspension. When he tried to suggest that the comment about David Beckham and underwear was about soccer and not sexuality, I had to laugh. Rod's great investigative reporting showed that he had tweeted earlier, about a Patriots' sidelined player in a pink suit, that he should get a visit from #TeamWhipDatA**, I knew he had to go at some level. But my beef is so about his and his stupidity. I don't know WHY so many brothers went after GLAAD...and then asked WHERE IS GLAAD when the videotape of the beating was released!



I'll take the ascot with the plunging neckline for a thousand, Alex...
CNN Producer to another producer at the watercooler: His swagger isn't there like a T.J. or Don Lemmon come hither look; He gotta go!


Roland Martin is not just a "crazy uncle". He has a "well-documented homophobic track record" as well as a "major platform across Black media".

Because of the VAST reach of Martin's influence, he is actually DANGEROUS to the black LGBT community.

In Martin's case, the "crazy uncle" should be fired from CNN.

Unfortunately, the "give a brotha' a break people" (which unfortunately includes gay black men who should know better) will probably save Martin's job with CNN (I hope I'm wrong about this).

BTW, more black gay men should develop a backbone and either DEMAND CHANGE or "fire" their crazy uncles, aunts, mamas, daddies, cousins and any other relatives who say anti-gay things that are better left unsaid.

Chitown Kev



I mean, if it was Martin's first or even second offense, then I could be behind giving the brotha a break.

But with his history...no...and now Mr. Thing's wife has really poured the fuel on the fire in a very dangerous way with her (now deleted but archived) tweets.

As far as the crazy uncle syndrome is concerned...well, as it applies to crazy uncles and cousins and things of that nature...

When it comes to family members, I can understand why some choose to put up with anti-gay comments from those that they love and grew up with and were raised with and by.

I choose not to do that within my own and I have paid a price for that in that there are some family members that I simply don't talk to. And some family members think that I am being unreasonable that I need to put the family first at all times.

The best I can do with that is to draw boundaries on a case by case basis.

Derrick from Philly

Everytime I see Roland Martin I have to just stare at him. He brings back memories of my elementary school days when we were assigned to draw pictures of our state bird. Yes, he's the spitting image of the Pennsylvania Ruffled Grouse...and just as colorful.


@Chi-town Kev. Cosign completely

Kevin Perez

Chinatown Kev:

That's a interesting testimony/experience but as a counter argument, you could very well argue they should put family above religious superstition and "traditions". It's always amusing to hear people lecture and brag about "family being all that matters" or it being the most important thing in the world....That is unless some in the family is LGBT. Criminals, gang bangers, thugs, murderers, and even rapists would get more leniency and forgiveness before LGBTs would. It's disgusting, really.

But yeah, I can't say I'm happy that he's fired....But I'm not sorry either. I'm still puzzled by why some Black LGBTs passionately defend celebrities/spokespersons that say these awful, bigoted things about them. I'm in the closet. I don't believe you should be out if you feel your safety and the roof you live under maybe compromised. I'm not out in the open. I'm still fearful, afraid and etc..... But my self-esteem and dignity as a human being isn't so low that I would justify the, venom, bigotry, malice, animosity, ill-feelings toward me.

Is it that painful and hard? What gives?

Chitown Kev

@Kevin Perez

Well, some people in my family do put the fact that I'm family above all else and their attitudes changed accordingly (my brother is the best example of that).

Some members in the family don't and instead choose to shift that burden onto me, saying that I'm the intolerant one (and, yes, those would be the more religiously inclined ones).

I try not to judge black/Latino LGBT's and the decisions that they make in that regard one way or another because I understand the importance of the bond to family and community in a racist society (which includes urban LGBT communities)

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