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03 February 2012



This is going to be an interesiing situation to watch transpire.
Thanks again Rod for keeping us updated on the latest news.


Thanks for staying on this story. This nomination is a farce. Harris is marginally qualified and hopefully will not be confirmed.

Oh but isn't this supposed to be a "win"? Isn't that what Miss Kev insisted to us poor uneducated black gay men? HA!

Chitown Kev

Oh, dear

@Faison- I can admit to errors in judgment quite well and I certainly had one here, no need for me to double down

Never tried a case? Sounds a whole lot like Claerence Thomas to me.

Knowing that whole aspect of it (and I hadn't researched his record all that much) this is exactly like Clarence Thomas (whom I wouldn't have minded on SCOTUS-regardless of his political opinions- had he been qualified for the post.

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