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01 February 2012



Does anyone think for a minute that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who has made PUBLIC statements against same-sex marriage, is going to recuse himself when marriage equality cases come before the U.S. Supreme Court?


Great leave it up to straight judges who publicly oppose marriage equality to hear those cases. I have heard of gay Republicans before and have wondered how that could happen but gay black Republican? that is an oxymoron cubed.


Yeah Harris is a mess to recuse himself -- so very Black republican. What is he point? He, Harris, as a "professional" should be smart and intelligent enough to set aside his biases especially at this point in his career. I just don't get it.

Danielle @DeeTwoCents

By that logic he should recuse himself from all cases that involve men, black men, and bald men.


YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I love it when I come up in here and the conversation is ALREADY ON FIRE!

The idea that he would have to recuse himself from cases about Black men would assume that he has rallied for or stood up for those issues, yet...NO ISSUE!

This is a MESS and I am really upset for this punkish step! I wanted to be excited about this nomination, but unlike Justice Sotomayor, who was willing to say I AM WHO I AM AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO BE AN ADVOCATE, this punk is saying BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, I'M JUST GOING TO GO SIT OVER HERE! BOOOOOOO, Boo!

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