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25 February 2012



Are these band students crazy? Why would they engage in such brutality? This is supposed to be fun? This sounds more like what gang members would do rather than what band members would do. This is pure sadism.

Colin William

Many frats (both black and white) engage in these ritualistic antics (from branding, to jumping in, etc) and while I am disgusted by it...a bigger question is for the people who WILLINGLY participate...is the need to "belong" that great...I went to college and did none of these things...I was asked by Kappas and Alphas to pledge and I said "NO"...while many people see brotherhood...I saw division and elitism within...I was still able to speak, hang, drink and do whatever with them without the antics...I think too many people have a need to belong and this is what lays the foundation of a TRAP! Get your education, be kind, be polite and move on with your life...as college is a short term relationship with 95% of these people...


Ok I'm a bit confused regarding one of those hazing rituals. How are you supposed to answer any question with a pillowcase over your nose and mouth.

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