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06 February 2012



He's been in the game long enough to know better. As soon as I saw that Tweet last night, I knew he had stepped in the dookie. SMH ... Twitter is going to be the death of many careers, lol. I can't really get too much into him - he just reminds me of one of those older ignorant relatives we all have. I can't take it.




CNN needs to nix that check. WHY are these public people STILL saying racist, homophobic, prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping statements. Can they really be that ignorant? I know the educational system in the USA is lacking; hwr, did their parents not say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself."? Why are they broadcasting hurtful things GLOBALLY? He's FIRED!


I thought Roland was openly gay! He doesn't quite do sizzle but he hosts the sizzle boys who wander over to south beach from downtown. Hmmmmm


If CNN keeps him on than they are saying violence against gay men is acceptable.


A man who rocks a cravat says he's "uncomfortable around the gay lifestyle"....hmmm.....

Honut Sinti

Memo to Roland: Snip snap your snout Sister Sue.


Out of all of the Superbowl ads played...THAT'S the one that demanded ALL of his attention, I see.

James DeLeon

Roland is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., which has many gay men in its membership rolls. He knows for a fact that many black gay men in college somehow align themselves with the principles of this fraternity based upon this one simple fact which is a wide acceptance of gay men of color, period. Everyone who has attended college, and exposed to the Alpha's organization, knows at least that much.


I cannot believe I was so ignorant of Roland Martin's bigoted homophobic positions. I have never read anything about him being so homophobic. Now he really pisses me off. I am going to write CNN to let them know how I feel about their having this kind of bigot on their program. He disgusts me.

Herndon Davis

Folks, please don't drink GLAADs kool aide

Here's my video response to GLAADs pressure for CNN to fire Contributor Roland Martin. Please repost, retweet and send to CNN and GLAAD with your personal thoughts.


Former COGIC

Herndon: This is a joke, right?

I've been reading R20 for years. I've never seen you in comments and have never seen you forward or share any story from this blog. I have seen you on FB share numerous stories from Towleroad and other white gay blogs.

Now you want to promote YOUR video criticizing GLAAD? News flash: GLAAD didn't make Roland Martin say those things. GLAAD didn't make Roland defend bigoted Carrie Prejean. GLAAD didn't make Roland talk about "the gay lifestyle". GLAAD didn't make Roland conmpares gays to alcoholics. And if GLAAD wasn't around, he still said them anyway.

I read Rod on Twitter and Facebook and he was absolutely right. The only reason this happens is because black lgbts NEVER speak up. We don't speak up on Eddie Long, we don't speak up on Crefo Dollar, we don't speak up on Roland Martin. Instead, too many of us try to defend or justify their antigay and bigoted remarks. Battered wife syndrome.

I'm not sure if Roland will be fired or not, or is this just pressure to get him to think twice before making homophobic commnents. He has already issued two apologies so the pressure is working. But black gay men are serious pieces of work f they're trying to blame GLAAD and defend Roland Martin. The man and his wife have "counseled" gays who allegedly wanted to pray the "gay lifestyle" away. You have never commented on anything at this blog and THIS becomes your cause?

Chile please ...


Here is an ignorant stupid little black man. Definitely not a symbol of his race

Greg G

@ Herndon:

Were you not interested in calling attention to the brutal gay bashing or making a video about that? Or are you just supporting homophobes today?

Shade Tea

@Herndon: chile please, we all KNOW your "tea"...too busy cowtowing and hoping "massa" gives you some crumbs. you haven't done ANYTHING remotely BLACK or been supportive of Black LGBT's since you left the NBJC YEARS AGO...

you aren't slick. Martin has to GO...and you know it. How can you defend this man KNOWING that his wife does conversion therapy? Are you serious?

Martin doesn't CARE ABOUT US. Get into it.

Get a clue and actually *shock* stand beside your fellow Black LGBTs who are fighting this and want Martin censured for his CONTINUAL hatred and ignorance of the LGBT community, SPECIFICALLY black LGBT folk.

Or, maybe not. We all know you need the spotlight MORE than anyone else calling themselves a gay activist...so continue to do what you do...


Oooh, Ms. Herndon: I had no idea you were so multi=faceted and versatile. I guess you *ARE* too busy to really care about Black LGBTs when you're too busy putting up these "exercise videos": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2cj85aj-Y8&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLD3D217E896AB18B2

WERK MS. HONEY! Yes, I can see how you're so "ready" to be a black lgbt activist talking head.

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