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18 February 2012



Several things stand out to me about this disturbing incident. One is that Brandon White indicated in an interview, days after the attack, that he walked home after the beating and wasn't going to do anything about it until he saw a video of the ambush on the internet. Did Brandon feel he deserved it, somehow, just for being gay?

Another is that the attackers filmed their crime with their cell phones, including audio, and put it on the internet as if they had done absolutely nothing wrong. And, as if they thought they would have an appreciative audience for their vile criminal act.


They DID have an appreciative audience. The fact that they sent it to WSHH speaks volumes, nevermind the fact that WSHH posted it and didn't report the attack to authorities.

What they DIDN'T account for was that there were many people who not only wouldn't stand for it, but would also do everything in their power to bring them to justice.

As for Brandon White, my guess is that he didn't report the attack because he didn't have faith that he'd be taken seriously. That, and he may have feared further retribution. I sincerely hope that the third person gets found soon or turns himself in.

Honut Sinti

Sad all around.


Why isn't the person who filmed the attack also being sought as an accomplice?


Two down, one to go.


Oh I wonder if that lying ass lawyer is straight. And oh yes again. Moragne must be a good person. That is what good persons do. They get together with their friends and they see someone walking they do not even know and then they beat that person and try to hurt him and humiliate him. Yes. That is what good persons do. I guess that is the new definition of fun.

Kevin Perez

Ooh, I wonder what is the psychological/sociological "reasoning" (excuse) behind Moragne's attempt to beating somebody to a bloody pulp? Just another poor, misguided, angry heterosexual city youth of color venting out his anger in a unjust society? Did Jesus make him hate the gays? Or was this simply a case of a jackass who'd thought it would be fun to stomp on some fags. I'm sure it must be the former and the not the later!

Had the kid that had been victimized by all this died, there would have been a deafening silence in media outlets and he would've been just another statistic among dead LGBTs and Black youth.

Nathan James

Waiting for the inevitable "gay panic" defense in 5...4...3...2...

Kevin Perez

"God made me hate the gheys!"


God or his personal representative on earth, Rick Santorum


I agree with the lawyer that somewhere up under his stupid and cowardice choice, there could be a good person. Unfortunately, for Mr. Brandon White, is was not that "good person" who beat him for no reason, taped it and posted it to the world.

If we had YouTube back in the day, white men who hung Black men for being Black would have posted it online! They would have been sentenced to jail if the law of the land had helped. NOT THEN, BUT NOW! SAME HATE!


Is it just me, or do these dudes look like they'd say "yeah son, trying to get my dick sucked yo, but dont tell nobody aight".....

Glad two out of three are in custody. Cant wait till they get all three behind bars.


May they get what they gave when they get to the big house...Hope they bunking with Bubba... Then they will know what it is to be terrorized...Oh and they will be wearing more that skinny pants...

alicia banks

cc this to roland martin

maybe he will see it is not a joke



Shade Tea

Where Ms. Herndon Davis at?

Where is all his outrage now? He defended Roland Martin to the DEATH over his twitter diarrhea debacle?

Where is his outcry for justice now?

Or is he too busy "posting" up his 10+ plus "press releases" over at Towleroad.com these days?

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