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07 February 2012


Chitown Kev

Thank you for this coverage, Rod, and I'm glad that the young man decided to come forward.

Greg G

Thanks for staying on this story.


Yes, thanks again for the coverage.

I wonder how we as people can be soo outspoken about certain things, but when it comes time to really speak, we stay quiet. Its my hope this young man gets the courage enough to press charges. The minute those DL THUGS hurled the "f" word, it became a hate crime. Sad to say, but had this been a white boy or girl this happened to, the white LGBT community would have turned McDaniel street upside down.

We run to every gay pride. We go on all the gay cruises. We hook up for sex on adam, bgc, and craigslist. Some of us even go to Lenox mall just to see what we can steal this week. Yet when its time to put those engergies into something worthwhile and long lasting, we are no were to be found. I dont get it.

Just my observations. Not trying to make this a race thing, but I cant help to call it like I see it.

A. Ronald

Co-signing all the others. Thanks for staying on this story. I'm always very appreciative that you know what stories our community "needs" to hear about ...

And co-signing LightSkinBruh. I am so very glad this young man is safe and not permanently injured. But we can do better black gay people! And bruhs in Atlanta definitely know they need to stand together!

Lang B

That was BRUTAL and heartbreaking. Many black youth of today are a disgrace to the civil rights legacy. This is a direct aftermath of C(rap) music and this thuglife epidemic that has been perpetuated in the media for over 20 years.

Curtis J

This is great news; I know it must have been hard for the young man to come forward but let's be thankful for a community that didn't let this go unnoticed. Thanks Rod for your coverage of this story as well. If I may add, Change Atlanta, is an organization of young professionals dedicated to changing the status quo in Atlanta, and team members are also following this story. They can be reached at their website at www.facebook.com/changeatlanta

Nathan James

(Waits for the inevitable "gay panic" defense the minute these goons are picked up by the cops)

Chitown Kev

@LightSkin Bruh

As I said on the other thread...

In Atlanta, yes, white LGBTs would have turned the town upside down no matter the color of the assailants...in rural white America, I doubt if anything would have happened if there were no video of the beatdown.

But still, Atlanta (along with Washington DC) are capitals of black gay America. I agree that we really need to do better, especially when there are so many readily available resources (or at least the possibilities for resources).


I hope I live long enough to see black gay men stand up as a group and challenge black homophobia. It won't happen, though, until a critical mass of black gay men say ENOUGH.

This could happen to you or someone you know or care about. I want black gay men to think about that.



I am always worried about how we REALLY come together ESPECIALLY in huge gay hubs like ATL or NYC or DC. We are at events and clubs, but rallies or meetings we avoid.

Thanks for this coverage, Rod and BRAVO to Greg Smith and other ATL community leaders who dove into this issue, comforted this young brother and who are working today.


adam carrington



Meeting! More meetings. People love to meet. Meet in front of this store and protest and march and demand JUSTICE. This attack is so very brutal and violating all humanity. When I think about ALL of the COUNTLESS times I have been called "gay" "punk" "sissy" or "fag" (by Black people) as early as age 7, today, I feel totally our society is so inhumane and only slightly above animals in the wild - which we "humans" are killing off too. SAD.


Was good seeing this young man on TV last night discussing his ordeal with Jane Velez.

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