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24 February 2012



I am beyond confused.

He was GOING to do something and so they beat him? He "has a video" that he was going to use to "expose" some "DL" boys, who them BEAT HIM for a video he is supposed to have and is supposed to be using to supposedly out some DL boys whom he supposedly, what, had sex with? And this came from other Black gay men?

LORD, HELP. I still saw a young man get beaten and that's the crime.


One of the attackers Christopher Cain is a member a Gay Atlanta bloggers "crew." If you go back to earlier posting he is pictured often. I was surprised when said blogger was interviewed on the local news since he has posted pictures of the "TRADE" he bragged about picking up at the very same location.

The Truth

It's a sad situation all around. No one should be beating up on anyone. AND no one should be threatening to "out" someone either.


While a crime was committed by beating up the young man, this certainly is not a hate crime, and most they will have a misdemeanor and get communit service and of course time served while in jail, and worst, they will get a slap on the wrist.

While he didnt deserve to be beat up, he shouldnt have been so messy. Its one thing to have "trade" on video tape, its another thing to taunt someone (of true) with exposer.

That said, in my eyes, both parties are guilty, have done wrong, and some at the end of the day, we can rest assured knowing this was not a hate crime.

On a side note, growing up in the hood of the Bronx NY, the famous words "meet me at 3:00pm" was code for "not only are we gonna fight, but you might get jumped too". Wonders to self why no one was arrested for that back then. ***shrugs***


This community met with the ATTACKERS without Brandon or telling Brandon. Supposedly to HEAL the community. They want to close the store Brandon was beat in front of and Brandon was not getting into the political game with them so they are now ATTACKING him. This boy weighs 100 pounds wet. The guy videotaping clearly states their rationale for the beating and the community including the gay activists, who are young and not as smart as they think, have been spun by the lawyers to help their clients case. These idiots fell for it. It was a HATE CRIME and the only messy people are those stupid enough to believe that little MEEK dude was the perpetrator. STUPID ASSES but wait till they come for you.


Can somebody help understand this because I am either completely stupid or the people buying this are?

If somebody is threatening to out you for being on the DL, why would you broadcast the video online? Was the purpose in doing that?

And so it took three guys to jump on this guy instead of the guy that was going to be outed if there must be a fight?

Why are you running scared?

Kevin Perez


And you've came to this conclusion based on what? Are we going to be "fair and balanced" now and hear both sides of the story? Jesus Christ, if these guys are what passes of as "activists" and "allies", and "community leaders" who are suppose to help youth like myself, then the closet looks like a Haven!

Mel Smith

They attacked Brandon using homophobic slurs. This was a crime.


I neither believe or disbelieve the new information. It will be what it will be. What I do know is that this boy was sucker punched and never had a chance to defend himself. It was and STILL is a cowardly crime that must NOT go unpunished.



Chitown Kev

Oh man, I wan to think abt. this for a sec

Chitown Kev


The motive could be revenge and it could still be a hate crime...the 2 are not mutually exclusive...and if the attackers were on the DL then they would not have identified as gay, almost by definition.


EXACTLY @ Chitown Kev that's what I've been trying to tell people DL guys hate gay people more than the average straight person does sometimes. And minimizing their crime because he knew them or even because he may planned on outting them is just as stupid the gay panic defense people have been using for bashings.


The most important thing to take from this turn of events is what the reporter said at the end: "no matter what the motive, a crime still took place".

Now as to whether a hate crime was committed. We will just have to wait and see.


This is the worst kind of victim blaming ever. The mojarity of crime victims know their assailants so the issue of whether Brandon knew these savages is immaterial.

CHANGE ATLANTA needs to have a stadium full of seats and stop this shameless self-promotion crap.


its all just sad...whatever the Truth is, and all because of Leviticus. The Absurdity of it just amazes me.


This is one of the serious problems with hate crime legislation: it forces folks to divide themselves along fictitious lines and demands that victims fit particular criterion to legitimate their suffering.It also gives our oppressors far too much power to adjudicate our experiences. The FBI does not have gay people's best interest in mind.

These young men should go to prison because they abused another human being. We should all stand outraged at what happened not merely because it happened to a gay man of color but because it happened to a fellow human being.

I am so disappointed by Change Atlanta's mishandling of this whole thing. If you don't know how to be a victim's advocate, you should stay quiet (or, at the very least, read a book). That this organization has been given the mantel piece is evidence of how little mainstream america cares about our lives. They'll give any old group a representative podium...

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