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27 February 2012



They knew what they were doing from JUMP! Why would Ravi even be opening a chat with himself? That makes NO sense AT ALL! He knew Tyler had someone in the room and probably positioned his webcam, then went to Wei's room to spy on Clementi. I'm NOT buying any of that BS!


How would Ravi feel if someone was spying on him. He knew what they were doing so now is time to face up to what happen. A life was lost that is something he will have to live with the rest of this life.


Next time these two kiss other people and/or have sex with other people they should film it and show it to other people for their enjoyment. They are lying hypocrites and I hope they get the punishment they deserve.

I just wish Clementi had been stronger and meaner and nastier. He would be alive today. And I am in no way criticizing him. His death is heart-breaking.


Well hopefully they will be taping Ravi in his prison cell with Bubba...

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