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06 February 2012


Chitown Kev

Yes, I thought the performance was so so but the opening and closing were FABULOUS!

But still, I want to see if any of these other contemprary pop diva-wanna-bes can bring like this at 53 years old.

Chris w.

I thought she killed it. Did not miss a beat. Hair, face, skin and body were flawless. Did not break a sweat. Chicks have her age could not have done what she did. She was doing flips in heels. She really did not need to share the stage with the Nikki and the other acts. And the production and light show were A+. With such a large body of work her editing was perfect too. I guess it's obvious I'm a big fan.


I have a dream that one day...ALL fans can be objective....I agree...The actual performance was so so at best...Justifying the performance by mentioning her age or what other artist are capable of does not make the performance any better..Great opening...Great close..The middle was just kinda flat for me..



It was awesome! Not sure what people were expecting but for a half-time show it's the best Ive seen so far. From beginning to end i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Honut Sinti

Cee Lo ripped it during his small bit.

I agree that the production itself was high end and gave me sensory overload especially when I watched on a 65 inch TV with surround sound.



It was straight up kitsch as only Madonna could execute brilliantly. Mo took Las Vegas and camp straight to the frat's biggest house. The editing was stellar as were the techy.


I agree with Imjussayinisall ...I love Madonna .. I MEAN LOVE HER .. but the performance was so so .. it was like she was missing a beat ...

but the PRODUCTION WAS PHENOMENAL ... she brought it like she her life was on the line ... It was almost on the same level of a Michael Jackson production ... WOW

J in L.A.

Pure entertainment. This is the best I've seen other than Prince. She blended the other artists in well.


All flash, little substance, like a Vegas floor show. If you have nothing of significance to say just wow them with special effects. Typical of pop music.

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