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03 February 2012



My friend (straight) was picked to play some DJ in this.


I have so many issues with the storyline of this show AND IT'S FOR GOOD REASONS! I love that they are doing this storyline and I love the irritating things that come up for me and the parts of each character that drive me crazy. THEY ARE HUMAN AND FLAWED, WHILE I AM STILL COMPELLED TO CARE ABOUT THEM!

I am looking forward to this Coming To America!



Black Gaye Dude

Very Interesting.


YES YES YES love the realism of the script...'do something.." Oh that line is so real reminds me of a similar situation before. Cant wait for this to be released!




It's here! It is on the CW. Wait no longer.


Such a cute couple.


When I watched this I fainted. lol Then I watched it again. lol


Oh sh*t! Cant wait for this to hit the states! On broadcast TV to boot? This is gonna be big.


Wait a minute is a black gay series actually coming to the USA ? OMG i'll seriously die of shock. I've been hoping to see something that represented me for so long.I really hope this is true


That brother in the tank tops lips ... gasp, swoon and grab your package.


There are several more extended scenes from the series on YouTube. Search for "The L.A. Complex Tariq and Kaldrick." Looks like a very interesting relationship developing. Very hot!

But one question: what was the name of the record Kaldrick was playing on the turntable?

Thanks, Rod!


I found the record: Hard Times by Baby Huey...

Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare
People all around me and they're all in fear
They don't seem to want me but they wont admit
I must be some kind of creature up here having fits...

Having hard times in this crazy town
Hard times, there's no love to be found


@harlemboy, great job! thanks for posting.


Someone from youtube has taken the liberty to take the story line between these two and posted it for our viewing pleasure. If you go to youtube, you can type in Tariq & Kal Part 1 (it goes up to part 5). You will see the entire story line between Tariq and Kal. Its posted by TubedOutAgain

Demetrius Bagley

THANKS Rod; this is delicious TV feeding us starvin' chil'rin!


TubedOutAgain posted the preview for episode six, which is "the shocking mid-season finale of The L.A. Complex." Apparently, the network will decide if they want to shoot the remaining seven episodes, based on ratings for the first six. I hope we'll get to see the whole thing on The CW. It's going to start in April or May, after the current season of "One Tree Hill" is done.

Adam Steven

I love the storyline and the gangsta rapper (Andra Fuller) is such a beautiful man! Love the depiction of the guys too. Cool stuff.


I love reading all the comments for this show. The L.A. Complex is an AMAZING SHOW!!!! And Bart, Kal is all mine LMAO. So back up. :) And Adam you already know. But onto BUSINESS. For all of you who have posted or will post, please check out the L.A. Complex page on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Also go to IMDb and vote for the show. Thanks!!! Oh and don't forget to like the fan pages also. And the cast fan pages. Also the videos that were once on YouTube are now gone.

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