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16 March 2012





cue the commentary about how this is just more "gay mafia" overreach and free speech blah blah blah

So sick of the bigotry and ignorance. Poor Tyler


so man to man sexual encounters creeps ravi out. well, he is about to get aboard the ho train and by the time he's released he will be able to write a book as thick as the bible about male to male sexual interaction.

all through his trial ravi was sleeping and joking and laughing with his attorney. he goes not have any remorse for what he did and couldn't give a damn that tyler took his life. sadly, we are raising a lot of sociopaths in this country. our young people really don't care about other people and we as parents need to teach them otherwise.

hurting tyler was just a sick game to ravi. i think he did fist pumps when he found out the confused young man had killed himself. i also bet diamonds to dollars that tyler's parents were not so welcoming of their son's sexuality. we as parents have to love and accept our children for who they are an embrace them. if tyler's parents were having a hard time coming to grips with his sexuality, then it must kill them to know that he thought that death was his only salvation to be socalled normal.

Matt Private investigator

I wonder how he'll cope in jail


I think it's horrible that they allowed Wei to get away with community service. Plea deals are horrible and allows guilty people to walk away with slaps on the wrist for jumping sides.

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