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14 March 2012



I am going to lose a lot of faith in humanity if Zimmerman isnt charged of a serious crime like murder AND found guilty.



I am so afraid of the racial tension that is on the brink of boiling in America right about now!

I am going to lose my MIND if this man isn't charged with MURDER! I don't care what he THOUGHT. He was told not to confront. He had no reason to believe the young man was armed, except he was Black and the white man was the only armed person in the melee.

This is so disgusting and I am FURIOUS! Things are about to get UGLY!!!

Rome Jones

If I could i would just up and leave this country. its so racial for no reason.


I live in Orlando and I do not believe this guy's self-defense remarks for one minute. And neither the white guy nor the police have explained why he had to use self-defense. Was this innocent boy going to throw his bag of candy at him? Another example of a white guy who is only capable of being fulfilled by killing an innocent young black boy. This man should have been arrested long ago.


Oh, how I love living in Florida. I'm sure that Zimmerman was going to use the Stand Your Ground law to protect himself, but the 911 tapes show that he ignored their instructions and committed murder, simply because he wanted to.

The fact that you own a gun does not make you law enforcement.


are u freakin' kidding me? why is he not being charged??OMFG, i know michael basedon (sp?) is supposed to go on CNN on fri. to bring more attention to this atrocity, it's just insane! they had to get a court order for them to release the 911 call i heard! Now u know that's fishy!! i hope the family gets JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!


He was adorable! I just don't understand why Zimmerman hasn't been indicted for first-degree murder!?!?!?! This is absolutely atrocious and can not stand!!!


this is to sick on aLL LEVELS..following the boy even when the man was told not to, why? because he was black..? this jus pisses me off

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