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16 March 2012



This is outrageous. If as many people were talking about this half as much as they were talking about Whitney Houston's death we would get somewhere. Where is the national media on this. CRIMINAL. My blood is boiling.


Why is this not all over the front page of Yahoo like all the other white kids who died?

That could easily have been my own child walking around and getting killed by some lunatic. *sigh* I have to get out of Florida.


I hope this family gets the best legal team since O'Jay Simpson. I hope they win so much from the Sanford Police Department that the town can be renamed: Trayvonville.

Imagine if your child was shot to death, murdered, in cold blood in a gated community basically because of his skin color. And to top it off, the Police Department is protecting the killer. UNBELIEVABLE! Americans You Must Do Better! You Can!

Barton Hughes

@ Laurence - I feel you man. Charges better be filed soon!
Hopefully the coverage, Fl NCAAP or family's lawyer will make something happen. Thanks Rod.


I've been keeping up to date with this story as much as possible. Other than here on Rod's site, Huffington Post and black-oriented websites have I seen this story getting any major attention nationally. I am sick and disgusted how this so called "town watch" guy can carry a gun and patrol a neighborhood as if he's a police officer. Shoot an innocent black boy and get away with it. All I know is charges better be brought up against Zimmerman and not some flimsy manslaughter either (Murder 1) and make him eligible for the death penalty. This was a murder of this young boy!! I'm ready to go down to Florida and fight! I am tired of this.


Florida, Orlando in particular, acts like the rest of the US South, where race still matters and police doesn't care. I love the urban US South, but Orlando has always been a peculiar city in my opinion because they pretend to be place of other but has as many churches as Nashville.

This case is sad, and unfortunate litmus to show the US as whole is still dealing with the issues of race.

Jamel Smith

I hope Zimmerman is arrested and charged with first degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin. It breaks my heart that a 17-year-old boy had to Lose his life for the color of his skin.


i thought he was white (zimmerman) is he hispanic?? dang, still messed up that he would take that young man's life!!!!!!!


i will give white people this: when something happens to their young people, they are unstoppable in seeking justice. look at the tyler clementi case. he killed himself, but his parents were unstoppable until his roommate was tried and convicted. look at amanda knox in italy. she gave conflicting stories to the italian police, but her family and friends were unstoppable until she was released. two other people were convicted and imprisoned including an african man, but amanda knox was released.

we as black people don't scream and shout when something happens to our black youth. ironically, most of our black youth are killed by other black youth and we still don't open our mouths. we can't sit around waiting for jesse jackson and al sharpton to start the march. they're getting old and won't be among us forever. that's another thing. why does the spokesperson's for african-americans always have to be someone in a religious position as if that's the only so-called authority in the black community?

i ache for trayvon martin. he was just a baby. really, he was just a baby and he was getting treats that appealed to a kid. his life is worth more than a can of soda and a bag of skittles. how many emmett tils can we countenance as black people?

zimmerman is a monster and a bully and he violated trayvon's civil rights and some shrewd attorney: probably white is going to see to it that the sanford police and zimmerman regret the day they ever heard trayvon's name.

at seventeen, young black men go out of their way to be macho and not to cry out for help. you have to imagine how much his murderer zimmerman was hurting trayvon for him to call out for help. it chills my blood to imagine that young man could be my little brother or my little cousin or my little nephew and some deranged, sociopath is pinning him down with all of his weight and brandishing a gun in his face.

when trayvon lost his life, he was suffering terribly with no comfort and no solace. he was terrified and the last face he would see in his short young life was that of the coward and sociopath who took his life and was probably hurling racial epithets at him as well.

zimmerman went hunting that night and the prize was an innocent, defenseless black youth who just happened to be wearing a hoodie. how zimmerman has slept since this incident is a testament to the fact that he is not human and does not possess a scintilla of a soul.

i am no fan of geraldo rivera, but he once stated that he had been around policemen all through his career who spoke openly about their racism toward other minorities. it does not surprise me that the police saw the helpless body of a slain black youth and believed that he was the aggressor who needed to be destroyed.

more trayvon martins will die and more zimmermans will get away with it if we as black people don't use our voice and don't start saying something when our black youth are killed by other black youth which happens often and is seldom discussed in the black community. in fact, we in the black community often protect and shield young thugs and murderers.


Listening to the tape with Trayvon's voice calling out for help, it came to me that Trayvon and Zimmerman did not have a physical altercation.

Trayvon's unanswered cries for help do NOT indicate that he had just administered a beatdown to a man who outweighed him by as much as 100 pounds. His cries are indicative of a child calling for help.

What happened was that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, against the advice of the 911 dispatcher, chased Trayvon down then shot and killed him.

The Sanford police department then got together with Zimmerman to figure out what to do. They decided to LIE and say that Trayvon got the best of Zimmerman in a "fight" and that Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon in "self defense".

What actually happened was that Trayvon was murdered in cold blood (there was no fight) by a sociopath and the Sanford police department took the side of the sociopath.

mark meachem

this is why you and me as black people have to get out
and vote ,their must be change in this world , we must
stand up and stop this savage treatment of our black

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