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20 March 2012




Cyrus Bishop

IMHO, and it's just mine so I am allowed to be wrong, these guys mess up their once beautiful bodies with these awful tats. I just don't get. The man is stunning and he chooses to degrade himself with those ink marks. Is this a way to prove that you're tough and straight (or for gay men, "straight acting")?




Dude definitely has a great body but I just can't get beyond all the tats. Its really too much and diverts one attention from whats really important. I'm sure brutha-man can smack it down but you wouldn't know it from all that ink. Jess sayin' y'all! LOL!


Glad so many of you can't get past the tattoos, less competition for me! I don't really care for all that ink either, but it's his body - some people adorn with piercings, jewelry, clothing,..some people opt for something more permanent.

Love his skin, probably looks hotter with a lil tan,..long as there's no ink on the parts I wanna suck - you know, his ears n stuff LOL!


A nice body may attract you but intelligence is what will keep you.


a nicely chiseled body. that's about all i get. I dont get the tats either. Goes with the saying "You ever see a bumper sticker on a Maybach?"

I dont see any personality either. No smiles. Give me Dwight Howard or Adrian Peterson who can bring the whole package....


As a Patriots fan, i hate anything related to the Jets. I also live in the DC area, so I used to get to see Laron all the time when he played for the Redskins. I was so upset to hear that he is going to the Jets. I will now have to hate him, while privately lusting after him....At least I get to see him 2 times a season when we play the jets. BTW, I love the tats.

Mark Norris

MY GOD! MY GOD! MY GOD! This is true beauty. No other way to say it.


Personal choices, im not judging his. Welcome to the empire state Mr.Landry


went to high school with his mother and FATHER...lawd to mercey yall he aint stole none of that which you see.


tired of all these tattoos... hot man except for that


Its his choice. Don't nobody judge him. Nice body form... He is cute

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