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15 March 2012



It's good that the FBI has joined the investigation. This indicates that law enforcement officials are taking attacks on LGBT people, and specifically black LGBT people, seriously.

I hope gay black men are taking note of FBI involvement in this case and in Brandon White's case.
Black gay men are doing themselves, and other gay black men, a disservice when they do not COME FORWARD in the face of anti-gay violence because it encourages violent homophobes to think gay black men can be preyed upon with impunity.

Anti-gay attacks should ALWAYS be reported to the authorities. It's the job of law enforcement officials to protect us along with everybody else.


Of course this was a hate crime. Did they attack these guys and yell homophobic slurs because they liked them? And it was racially motivated too. I hope all five end up in prison.

Five against two with baseball bats? So typical of straight cowards who attack us.

I think we are still the most despised minority in the country.

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