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07 April 2012



how tragic and his mother should feel partially responsible, if she was on her job and keeping her son at home and rearing him properly, he would probably be alive today! what other reason could there be for him NOT living w/his mother?? SMDH & how did this MONSTER get released in the first place?? whomever (innocence project) is responsible for helping this creep get out of jail is partially responsible!


Raising a child gay or straight is NOT easy. I don't know the particulars of the situation, but him being at home or not doesn't stop evil from happening. Look at Trayvon, he lived with his parents in the SUBURBS. Evil happens! I'm just glad justice was served in this case. Lord knows justice has been denied in many others.


This 15 year teenager's mother says she did not put him out because of his sexuality. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

As for the other relatives he was staying with, they were in some ways even worse. They allowed a convicted murderer to be around the 15 year old Jason Mattison. He was at the mercy of his homophobic, dysfunctional family members and it cost him his life.


This story made me feel so sad for this kid. He had so much life to live. I will forget about Jason.


Thank you Rod for this update. It hurt my heart when this happened, and I'm glad there was some type of resolution.

Don't blame the Innocence Project. They have helped so many black men and others get off death row for crimes they did not commit. This guy didn't commit the other crime he was in jail for, but that never meant he was an angel.


Thanks for the update Rod. We don't want to forget these wonderful children who are being taken away from us too too soon.

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