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14 May 2012


Black Pegasus

I'll be checking Myvidster daily to see when it leaks. I think it's a good idea for sexy celebs to "leak" a photo or video tape of themselves while they're still sexy enough to do it....

1. Chris Brown
2. Willie (day26)
3. Neyo
4. Kanye West
5. Raz B
5. Countless NBA and NFL players...

Everybody's doing it! lol


@ Black Pegasus
Is that you with all the comments I be reading on Myvidster....LOL LOL LOL

On another note, I'm thinking Tyson is NOT packing anything at all. Thats probably why he is saying how "lame" it is. He probably just jackin on talking bout nothing to the "girl" on the other end.

Meh, I'll pass....he still cute tho.


I don't understand, If these videos are in the owners secure possession at all times;How can they be "leaked"?...Call it what it is- Publicity stunt.


I suspect Tyson is more impressive dressed than undressed. Sure it was some White gal he was online with, anyway. Leave him and Miz Sarah alone.....

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