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14 May 2012



This is absolutely DISGUSTING.


It really is. What a pathetic POS Delay is.


I'm sick of this and I blame society for this. Homosexuality has been taboo for soooo many years that now in 2012 people are having the hardest time accepting something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with them. Does it really matter to someone who is "straight" who the person sitting next to chooses to sleep with? Does it take food from your table? Does it shorten your 40 a week check? I just cant understand WHY sexuality even matters....No one says ANYTHING about the adulterer, no one says anything about the women who are abused by their husbands (and vice versa), no one says anything about how our educational system is lower than other first world countries, yet when it comes to homosexuality people are ready to kick and scratch and fight and kill. I JUST DONT GET IT and Im so angry with this situation and the double standard nation we live in full of hatred toward the wrong individuals.


UNACCEPTABLE. I'm just appalled at this vicious and pathetic act.

I want Darrell to stay strong! You're a wonderful young man! Those homophobic bullies are the problem NOT you.

Mel Smith

A 34-year-old attacking a 17-year-old???


I hope Darnell and his mother get a lawyer and sue that school. The kids at that school thought they could keep hurting Darnell with impunity and so they could have their inhumane fun. And the man who attacked Darnell should be punished too or maybe get attacked and beaten so he knows what it feels like. NO MORE MR. NICE GAY.

Nathan James

You can always tell who the "normal, well-adjusted, socially acceptable" people are--they're the ones beating the daylights out of us gays. Darnell and his mother need to sue the school board, every teacher who ignored this bullying, and the cowardly principal who chose not to enforce the rules against the kids who were making Darnell's life a living hell.

Oh, that those who condone or ignore bullying could be made to spend just one day in the shoes of a bullying victim...


I hate coming to this site just because of stories like this. It's too real. But then I'm thankful for this site because I wouldn't know this was all going on otherwise.

This story breaks my heart and it only seems to be getting worse. I'm glad bullying is getting more of the spotlight than ever but with all of the attention, where is the change?

Kelvin J

See, this irks me to no end. Why is a 34 year-old grown stanking man pressed about a 17 year-old? What type of mental issues (and social issues) does a grown man have to possess to bother a child about his sexuality? I just can't...

alicia banks



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