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03 May 2012



head over to GMA and have Robin Roberts take the story. it appears some schools still do very little to nothing about bullying. but a little bad exposure will straight up some of these school "leaders"

byron monte

oh god...i'm so over this. i'm all for hitting back when being bullied..forget about turning that other cheek. take that taser out of your manbag Darnell and taser the shit out of these assholes. well done.
it's 2012, we've given them more than enough time to shut their mouths and accept us, if you still don't get it than i'm sorry boo, but it's "eye for an eye" time now.


He's so brave and resiliant. God bless him. I don't know how to fix bullying other than by teaching our children that behavior doesn't inform sexuality and that sexuality is nothing to be scared of. But how do you unprogram generations of ignorance?...


Lord, this just hurts my heart. He is reporting it like he is supposed to do, and his mama is reporting it also. So all that was left was for him to protect himself, and they suspended him for that. So it's as if the school just wants this poor child to get hurt and beat up. I pray there is another school or something for him. Our glbt kids are smart, articulate, and intelligent and we are losing them them at a alarmimg rate through suicide. We need to find ways to step up.


Larry, you deprogram it ONE child at a time.


The adults and students at the school need to see the movie BULLY. This heartbreaking story would fit in with similar situations examined in the documentary.

Distant Lover

This begins with the adults. They set the tone for this foolishness. And as his parent, I would have gone completely off on those stupid school officials and tell them to tone down the crack of my A$$! I wish I was rich, I would send this young man to the best private school and then an Ivy League school and then have him return to that very school with his husband and tell everyone connected with this debacle to EAT IT! and chew it well!


Given the facts I applaud Darnell because gay men need to protect themselves "by any means necessary." Tone down his accessories? What about so many of the straight students who dress and wear accessories to make them look as though they are in a side show at a circus. It is hypocritical to isolate Darnell and discriminate against him. I bet he is a beautiful young man. I hope he gets his justice.

Derrick from Philly

'Even some of the other gay students were unfriendly"

Oh, yes, Lord, I remember that.

But Darnell will survive and overcome all of this. How do I know? Because his mother is on his side.


Indiana, Arizona ?? look at the people they elect; not a coincidence and no wonder bad stuff happens. he just needs to move to new york massachusetts california or somewhere civilized.

Nikki Nicedreads

Babyboy U be who U are! They have no right to expell U for protecting yourself. Thats is beyond prejudice. Fight

Geoffrey Buchman

It would be so cool if he could go to a school like the Harvey Milk High School in NYC where lgbt students are treated with respect and dignity and there is freedom. He and his mom should look into that. There could be financial aid available too.


I bet that bully wont bully nobody no more. This time he bullied somebody who's bigger and badder. Momma always says "Someone out there is bigger and badder than you are"


He should be sent to another high school with a more accepting atmosphere, as his current school is a lost cause.


Wow these two are so handsome. This breaks my heart. It really does.

This bullying stuff has to stop. Im thinking if we had one ole "tazer pandemic" breaking out in high school all over America, these bullies would run the other way. (Hey, just speaking off the top of my head...I dunno...)

What I will say is this, I beleive in my heart that anyone who bullies over sexuality has sexuality issues of their own. This wont stop until some concrete NATIONWIDE LAWS are passed. Its getting out of hand.

Honut Sinti

I know that child's mama is saying "I be damned if my child is gonna be another statistic." She then helped her child prepare to defend himself.

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