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29 May 2012



What a wonderful project. Can't wait to read it. Congratulations to you all.




The book will be available on Amazon sometime in June and you can pre-order it now. I am definitely going to buy it. Our young black gay brothers need all the love and affection they can get.

Shame on those who are causing the loss of these innocent young men's lives.


This will be an epic event. I am loving it, so much talent, yassss!


This is shaping up to be as great as Patrick Johnson's Sweet Tea.


Sounds like a wonderful idea. Too bad Keith Boykin is involved with the project.

Colin William

well Nuneuro if we waited for you to show how talented you are in this arena the book would never happen...


To Colin:

Really? Do you know me? Are you Mr. Boykin or one of his surrogates? Please due tell how you have such "amazing" insight into my background. I would love to hear, since your remark reeks of intelligence and logic. Maybe we can all learn something from you, aside from your obviously nasty and ill-informed personality. BTW, what books or articles have YOU written lately. Please share.


This will be an epic project. It sounds like it will be this generation's "Brother to Brother".

@Nuneuro: I've googled and checked Amazon and can't find any of YOUR writings. What books or articles have YOU written lately? Are you one of the CONTRIBUTORS to this anthology. Or any anthology or book? Please share ...


I'm going to the ignore the shady comments from haters. I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to read the book!


Nuneuro: How did this become about you? The book is a wonderful project and it's a shame that you're trying to spoil it. Desmond raised the exact same question you asked someone else. -RM

Byron in PGC

Thank you Keith Boykin! And thanks to all the writers for being involved and contributing. And a special s/o to Rod for talking this project up and encouraging so many others to participate. I'm not sure why you kept about your contribution until now, but thank you!

Former COGIC

Cannot wait to own and read this. It sounds like it will be amazing. So much talent packed in one book. I've already pre-oreder my copy. And let me co-sign the brotha above who said "Colored Boys" has the potential to be this generation's "In the Life" or "Brother to Brother"!

alicia banks



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