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24 May 2012



Very nice, Rod.

Can we see the poll debunking the myth that white gays are less racially tolerant than all but their most conservative straight white counterparts?

Oh wait, that poll doesn't exist. And there's no "gay Obama" with the requisite halo to make it so.


Hi Rod, the link to the ebony article is broken. On the subject of Toure, I've always seens him as kinda flaky and always thought he was gay anyway. What are his credentials? How did he become a subject matter expert on anything? He just seems like an opinionated buffoon to me.

Honut Sinti

They insist on crowing President Obama. Newsweek went for the rainbow colored halo to signify the first "gay president." Ebony goes with the fierce crystal and gold colored chandelier--all sparkly and stuff.

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