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14 May 2012


Colin William

well I am sure that this will bring MANY comments....

Derrick from Philly

Mr Moore is one of those blessed individuals who get sexier as they get older. Same with Blair Underwood. Both in their mid-forties and beautiful.


shemar should just take pics of himself fully naked because that package in front? *drools*

but yes, the older he gets, the better looking he gets.


It's funny to see him try to "boy" it up


Yes Shemar has a mass appeal. It is so unfortunate no Black gay ( NOT THAT SHEMAR IS GAY), but it is so sad no black celebrity has the strength to come out or even be seen in the company of males comrades in a loving way. But they spend time flexing on beaches, throwing up peace signs outside of airports and posing with trophies girls. DESPICABLE.


Im trying to figure out how "real" his package is. A few years ago there was full frontal pics of him that came out with him on a nude beach getting out of the water. His peen was mad small. Now I know people are growers, but is this peen shot like a "semi erected" peen or something cause it really doesnt match the full frontal pic of him.

Google it and let me know what you think......


@LightSkinBruh...the water is warmer,LOL!

alicia banks

i love this bro!

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