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08 June 2012



They'll probably take up an offering to get him a new pair of shoes. SMH.

Well at least he doesn't have a teen son acting disrespectful. Uncle Eddie might've swooped in to "lay hands" on him.

Hontu Sinti

I heard that Creflo had a son, Creflo Dollar, Jr. but he beat the child so bad the boy is now called 50 Cents.

Boom boom tiiissssh!

Herndon Davis

Creflo Dollar appears to be suffering from severe anger/rage issues and possibly is dealing with unresolved issues within his personal life.



While I am not a fan of Creflo Dollar, I do not take glee in the fact that his daughter was disrespectful... She needed to be disciplined if it is true... Too many of our children are running around causing issues because they didnt have a father who cared. No I dont agree his views but on this one he has my support!!!!

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