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22 June 2012


Bourbon Street

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You are truly blessed to have your birthday on gay pride! Thanks for all you do! Love this blog, it's the only place that covers "our" stories from across the diaspora.

Love your work at Ebony, love your writing for the Advocate, admire and love your travels. Enjoy the weekend!


I echo Bourbon's comments. Love the blog and enjoy your birthday weekend!


Co-signing what was said above. Love the blog. Congrats on your bday and have a great time wherever you are!


Take a few days to yourself and enjoy your birthday and pride. Happy birthday!

Derrick from Philly

Happy Birthday, Rod!!!

Well, you're a Cancer. And I'm a Pisces. We get along well...from a distance.

But we both have to beware of those dangerous, sexy Scorpios. They'll steal your heart and rock your world. I know (tears, and a sip of vodka)


@Derrick: Yes we Scorpios have that ability;).

Happy B-day Rod and have fun!


Happy B-Day, Rod!

William Lavender

Happy Birthday, or early.

David J

Happy birthday!


A wonderful, joyous birthday to you, Rod! I've done a little cyber-inventory and come to the conclusion that your blog is absolutely unique in covering the global African Diaspora---gay and otherwise---on a consistent basis. THANK YOU! Keep telling OURSTORY and revel in your birthday (and Pride) celebrations!


you are one of the most invaluable blogs that cover the LGBT community ....happy birthday..Rod.keep telling our stories


Rod, thank you so much for all you have done. Co-signing what John said above....you cover "our" community from the ballroom kids to the brothas in the board room to news in Africa and Europe. And with a cleverness and style.

Love the fact that you can write for Ebony, appear on Russian radio and tv and write for tv news. Versatility yassss!

A. Ronald

Good luck, happy birthday and have a wonderful pride.

Burt G

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Rod!!! May you have many, many more, along with even more wonderful opportunities to get your and our voices heard around the world. Be blessed.


Happy birthday Rod! May you have many more birthdays, celebrations and opportunities! Loved hearing/seeing you on Russian radio and tv talking about our issues. Have a wonderful pride and birthday.


Happy Birthday Rod! Hope you have a great day and thanks for this great blog and have a wonderful Pride!

Mel Smith

Happy Birthday Rod. God bless you.

Harris B

Happy Birthday Rod. You're a treasure and a resource for our community. Bless you and your continued success. And co-signing what was said above, love that you are telling our stories to Ebony, Advocate, Ethiopia, Kenya, Germany, Russia ...Bravo!


I am reading R20 since you were in Ethiopia . Thanks you I love this blog and your articles!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Rod! May your start continue to shine and may you have much more success.


Happy Bday, Rod.

Chitown Kev

Happy B-Day fellow Cancer.

Oh, and Derrick, my Mom is a Pisces. I can absolutely verify that what you say is true.

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