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21 June 2012



Why is this such a MESSY MESS?

Really? They've posted his ADDRESS in the flyer!? That's just kind of...scary! The level of ick on this is just wrong! The woman running against him MUST denounce this OR she's whisperingly saying I KNEW IT!

Honut Sinti

I wonder about the increasing viciousness in politics. Soon it will make people pause before running for office and ask themselves "Do I really want to put myself through this crap?" The people in the community lose because hardworking, caring people may choose not to step up to the plate in order to make a positive difference.


Considering this is Atlanta and we are talking about 'folk', I'm not surprised. This is very tale-telling about the mindset of many people in the community being so complicit with this type of bigotry being spread to win an election.

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