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29 June 2012


Greg G

Without a doubt the dance remix of "He Loves Me." It's been more than ten years and I *still* love it.

"The emotion inside of me, I can feel it ..."

Can't wait to hear all of these new remixes! Thank you!


Which Jill Scott track always makes [me] dance?

Golden (from Beautifully Human). Easily.


This is very nice. I've already purchased a CD. It's a great collection. I'm a Jill Scott FANATIC and try to collect everything she does. You won't be disappointed.

darion tariq

I get my slow wine on to "slowly, surely"


What Byron said. "Golden" is my all-time dance fave.


Honestly right now I would have to say..."So Blessed"! The vibe and lyrics are great. It's a feel good record and I just have to dance to it. It fills my spirit up!

Rodney B

There is a house mix of "Hear My Call" from her currently release that truly gets me on the floor.

It was released for a few months then pulled. I'm still trying to find it but its smooth deep house beats and of course the lyrics just make it a 1-2 punch to get you on the dance floor!

Mad Professah

How could they not include a new remix of "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E-Flat"??

That is my track!!!


@ Mad Professah: "Hidden Beach has debuted the first of a new THREE VOLUME remix compilation series..."

I'm sure "He Loves Me" will be remixed on Volumes 2 or 3, dear.

That being said, my fave Jill Scott dance tracks or "He Loves Me" and "Getting in the Way." Hell, I'll dance to any Jill Scott song, her voice is pure ecstasy!


My fav is "He Loves Me" because it reminds me of dancing the hoochie coochie with my man :-)


I love all of Miss Jill's music! But "Golden" is one of my dance faves!


anythin jill scott golden to family reunion to hate on me to crates..

John W

There's a few tracks of Jill that makes me dance..However, I have to give props to the song "Shame" ft. Eve. If you don't move off that groove, then you definitely got hemorrhoids!!!!..lol

The Truth

The "Spring Summer Feeling" track is Everything to Me! Puts you in a euphoric trance.


I am a huge Jill Scott fan and absolutely MUST have this new collection. Thanks for the heads up. Headed to iTunes to download ...


I'm from Detroit and you know we have OLD SOULS and even at the ripe age of 27 I can always groove to "Whenever You're Around". It makes me get up and Ballroom Step. Me and my mom can cut a rug!

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