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18 June 2012



Thanks Rod. I really enjoyed his talk. Whenever we can go into mainstream venues and speak on this topic, we should. I love the TED talks anyway. They are so enlightening.

Black Pegasus

Are there any celeb Black Gay Men in media who also has a Black partner? With all due respect to this gentlemen, I just can't deal with these types of Black Men until I've seen Black Love showcased as an example for us all.

Don Lemon, I'm talking to you too...


Thanks Rod. That was a good video. It doesnt matter who LZ's partner is, the message is on point.


As an openly gay entertainer myself, trust me,
it doesn't MATTER whether one has a 'partner' or not.
It doesn't invalidate a person's position or stance just because they haven't met a significant other.

If anything, straight, gay or otherwise,
people should be praised MORE for being themselves without someone beside them. If you need more than that, from positive out LBGT folks,
perhaps YOU should look inward.

Daniel in the Lions' Den

Awesome TED speech. Brought tears to my eyes at the end. The gay agenda is only to be treated equally. Why do so many try to claim otherwise?

Chitown Kev

@Black Pegasus

Why MUST they have a black partner?

You can have a life partner of another ethnicity and, in fact, celebrating blackness and treat black people with dignity and respect.

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