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12 June 2012



I still say until you are a parent of a teenager...you just don't understand! and no I am not a fan of Creflo...

Honut Sinti

Could have bought him for penny.


I'm a parent of a teenager, Charles, and even though my child is a boy, I couldn't even fathom putting my hands on him, much less choking and punching him as if it were a street fight. There is no condoning that, under any circumstances.

Former COGIC

Charles: You've defended Creflo Dollar's behavior in several posts. Are you supporting him attacking gay people and defending Eddie Long? Or are you just defending the fact that he choked, punched and beat his daughter with a shoe?

BTW: As Osiris mentioned above, I'm also a father. What is it about being a father that allows you to punch, choke and use your fist (or a shoe) to be a teenage child? Please explain.


@formercogic...Like I have stated before I am not a fan or admirer of Creflo Dollar... All I a saying is that he was not trying to kill his daughter but put some sense in her... Now if she ends up like Laurence Fishbourne's daughter, then people will be saying where was he... can win to lose on this one...



buck wild
pookies rule the world

we need more real dads like creflo
to shut them down!!!


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