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14 July 2012



Here's what many of these dimwit LGBT advocates who purport to speak for us miss: the purpose of prison is not to deter homophobia, which is no crime, but to deter assault, which is a crime.

Hooray for the judge in this case who sentenced these monsters (who were ALREADY on probation for previous crimes) to prison where they belong. And hooray for Brandon White who stood up for himself.


Does anyone know the reason that these "advocates" would request leniency? This seems very odd to me so I must missing something. Any help?

Santa Barbara

Wow, if the dude in the pic up top doesn't look gay. really gay. really, really, gay.

alicia banks


karma is real...

they better be on guard shopping at the commissary!!



Two 18 y/o and a 19 y/o. Smh. They will be wifed very quickly in prison. However, since they are in Atlanta, I'm pretty sure they have been butt-f..... before.t

Black Pegasus

Shame on these LGBT idiots who signed that letter asking for a light sentence!

As for the scumbags involved in this case; I am pleased that the judge didn't take this crime lightly, and instead sentenced these goons to an appropriate sentence...

I wish all three of them many butt f*cks and sodomy during their stay at Hotel Bars and Stripes.


Justice Prevails!

Kevin Perez

What's with constant coddling of criminals in regards to these types of crimes? Why treat them like infantile children who just made a mistake? Are we living in a society where the perpetrators become the co-victims of someone's else grievance, hardship, mistreatment and abuse? Especially of those they victimize.

Who the hell are these "LGBT activists" !?


This is so sad. Black gay men will be converging on the city in a few weeks-- how many will think about this case?


So to fight the image of being perceived as gay, these assailants beat a young gay man and then said it was because he threatened to out them as gay though they are not gay. But then gay activists stand up with the not-gay assailants against the gay young man who was beaten to ask the courts to be easy on the not-gay young men who beat the gay young man because...

I don't know if 5-years is enough but I am thankful that Brandon has no permanent physical damage (because the emotional and psychological scars of being attacked and beaten are tremendous), but I hope that this conversation TRULY prepares us to STAND UP WITH AND FOR EACH OTHER! Period!!!

Justice is being "served" in that there was a proper trial and sentencing, but to witness the ways that the community called Brandon's integrity into question, did and then didn't stand with him and then asked for lenience for those who knowingly attacked him reeks of a divide that must be discussed and healed.

A Community Divided Cannot Stand!

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