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19 July 2012



i just don't understand, as much info. out here about this disease, how are "we" still the highest, yet we only account for only 12-14 percent of the entire U.S. population?? that seems off, and I'm wondering how factual it is, because they always blow out of proportion statistics about blacks, we are more likely to be this or that. Not saying that the numbers are not true, but how true are they?? @AJ: God bless you, i was the same, never one to have allot of anal, but very much oral w/many diff. men in the d.c. area back in the late 80's and 90's, but i was fortunate to test negative. i wish that you had too, your outlook is very refreshing, may God keep you for many days/years/decades on this earth. . .


I live in MD and have been attending the conference this week. I will be beginning my PhD in a couple years and I'm pretty sure my dissertation is going to be somehow related to HIV/AIDS among Black and Latino gay male youth between the ages of 16-24.

After hearing this, I think I may make it exclusively Black gay males. I don't think people realize the gravity of these numbers. I was recently told by a 20 y/o Latino friend of mine (who I more so look at like the brother I never wanted as a kid but wish I had now) that he was HIV+ He thinks he got it from a guy who raped him but doesn't know for sure (thus meaning he wasn't always safe). I was devastated. As interested as I am in doing research and writing about gay/MSM Black youth and HIV/AIDS and as much as I hear about it, I've never had someone this close to me reveal their diagnosis.

Fortunately for him he is very on top of his medicine and is at an undetectable level. However, since he is honest about his status it has really limited his dating life. Many negative guys his age don't want to be involved with a + guy and the only + guys he's met are much older. It sucks. As scandalous as I was when I went to college, I need to be on my hands and knees thanking God I didn't leave that place with an STD.

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