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07 July 2012



It was a great match I am glad I watched it!!!!


Single-handedly holding the torch for US tennis.

Serena and Venus won another women's doubles title too. Hope they keep playing doubles together for 5-10 more years.


God Bless Her Serena Highness!:) They really will change the name to Williams-don if they keep this up.

Chitown Kev

Ya know, Richard williams called this before Venus and Serena went pro.

All during the time when Venus was making SI covers and was being heralded as the lates phenom, Richard Williams always said that Serena was the better player.

It just seems to me that Serena has more of that killer instinct; in fact, it's most obvious when Serena plays against Venus.

Congrats, serena


Congrats Serena...so happy for you!!


Women only play 3 sets. The men play best 3 out of 5. Not so for the women. Glad she won though! Miss S kicks major ass!

Rod Mc

@ W1Y: Thanks for the heads up! Tennis is not my game. :) -RM


Yes!!!! Love my Princess Serena. She and Queeen Venus also won the doubles which I was so happy to see since Venus crashed out in round 1. So many people were joyful when Serena lost first round of the French so I'm so glad to see her bounce back and take the most coveted championship in tennis for the 5th time!!!


It was nice to see how a whole nation (Britain) cheer one of their native son's, Andy Murray in the men's final. If Venus or Serena are in the US Open finals, the US crowd will cheer for a non-American as long as they are white. I give Serena and Venus so high props for enduring the negative commentator (Kris Everret) and fan abuse over the years and still continue to put it aside and WIN!

alicia banks


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