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31 July 2012



While I had hoped my papis Orozco and Leyva had gotten a medal, I'm so happy Louis Smith and his mates won bronze for the team competition. You could really tell how excited the team was to medal for the home country.


100 years! Good for Louis Smith and the GB male gymnastics team. What is up with Smith's hairdo?


Yay!!! Good for him. Even with that haircut, he is still ridiculously hot.


Re: Louis Smith's hair....he's a punky kind of Black Brit....the tattoos and the swagger. It doesn't bother me and I'm conservative. I just want to pound him and Danell Leyva.


Louis had his hair did for the Olympics!:)

I was hoping the Brits would take silver, but bronze looks good around his neck. I'm looking for him to get gold in the horse.

And yes, he and Leyva - and hot little Orozco...1-2-3 in my book!

Betty White

Why don't you guys ever "crush" over Black men? Not biracial, but Black. The self-hatred among you fellas is so sad. Get mad if you want, but the truth hurts.
The "truth" is that you are delusional. All types of Black men from all around the world are on this blog. Cullen Jones is "down" below because that was days ago. SMDH. -RM


I've been following this blog for years, and I concur with Betty. the superlatives just aren't there for the dark-skin or pure bred black men. but, it is your blog . . . and you can publish at your own discretion.

Greg G


"The superlatives just aren't there for the dark-skin or pure bred black men"

"Pure-bred black men"? Such as David Agbodji, Tyson Beckford, Chad Ochocinco, Tyson Chandler, etc? Or are they not "pure-breed" enough for you? Did you conduct a STUDY and there weren't as many "superlatives"? What was the percentage?

Crickets from brothas when Rod writes for Ebony or is on Russian television talking about "our" issues. Crickets when he speaks at international conferences in Africa, Europe or here. And now someone will co-sign a troll who calls himself "BETTY WHITE"? Chile, please.

Rick B B

The two posts before Greg's were ridiculous. After all the articles about dark-skinned and maybe even pure-bred black men that I see on this blog? Some people just have to complain, and some people need to deal wit their own colour issues.


I "concur" with what Rick BB said.

And I'm speechless over the phrase "pure breed black man." Sounds like a slave auction, no?


I don't usually like this haircut, but LOUIS is making it look so hot. It REALLY is always about confidence when you do the thing AND HE DID THE DANG THANG!!!



The haircut is hideous. And the scores the Brits are getting are just as hideous exp. Beth Tweddle. SMFH!

Derrick from Philly

LOL@"pure bred"

Put them out in this damn hot sun we've been having this summer. After a few hours you won't know the difference.


LOVE me some Louis! This photo essay is wonderful:



I had to kiki @betty white. Gurl you stepped on a lot of toes with that nugget.

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