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24 July 2012



Well, THAT was uncomfortable...
I think that Scott Lively had a point in that this discussion wasn't as balanced as it could have been...but *bloods boils* nobody likes to be told "your way is not the right way", and I can only imagine that this would extremely irritating to hear if your view point had been historically held as correct (speaking from a western perspective).
It is my hope that, in time, humanity as a whole will be in a place where we understand that respecting the integrity and truth in all of us is what will unite us.

Barton Hughes

Bravo Frank. He handled that bigot and the issues with courage, grace and strength. Lively was off base. Not everyone follows the bible. Jesus of Nazerth never spoke out against same sex sex. Not all lgbt engage in sodomy. Continental Africans have had gay family members for generations without much ado until Lively and his bigotry.

Barton Hughes

Bravo Frank. He handled that bigot and the issue with courage, strength and grace. Lively was way off base. Not all lgbt folks engage in sodomy. Not everyone follows the bible. Further, if they did, Jesus never said anything about same sex sex. African families have managed with lgbt family members for generations without falling apart.


I didn't know Al Jazeera cares about this things-)

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