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02 July 2012



I thought it was a bit disrespectful. We got an unannouced Chante Moore and less than 2 minutes of tribute for a singer who made quite a contribution to R&B music.


It is SO weird how Donna Summer's importance to pop music, studio produced music, electronic music, dance music is SO under rated. Donna Summer is arguably the first packaged and produced "Pop Music Star". BUT at the end of the day, Donna Summer could sing and write. Her music completely changed international culture and as her star may have dimmed - truly her music DID NOT. Humans are so prejudice and discriminating - and in this case for all the wrong reasons. C'mon on. Admit it. You like disco and dancing!

Chitown Kev

"Donna Summer is arguably the first packaged and produced "Pop Music Star".

Uh, that would be Diana Ross.

But I do think that Donna Summer's influence on the industry has been and will continue to be re-evaluated and upgraded.


It was trite and disrespectful Donna was the greatest and I am so tired of Bad Girls.


No one can sing Donna Summer songs like Donna Summer. She was/is an icon and cannot be duplicated. I will always miss her.


Donna was not considered a "black" singer and she never did an urban album. All of her material was crossover and she was a huge star in the white gay disco community. I beg to differ about the tribute being disrespectful since a large portion of the audience doesn't know who Donna is/was. Her songs were never sampled by hip hop artists (even Grace Jones has been sampled several times) and Donna was a bit "disconnected" from the black music arena. I'm surprised they even acknowledged her. She made her coins and she could sing but she never tapped into her black roots musically.


I am a big Chante Moore fan and I thought she did a good job representing for Donna. I would have liked to see her sing a few more songs but happy to see my gurl rep for Donna.

Chitown Kev

Oh, dear...

What does a "black" artist have to do, become a hot ghetto mess like Whitney Houston (who went through the same thing) to be connected to "black music"?

(I will concede that it would have been interesting to hear Donna sing some gospel)

Of course, an interesting comparison along these lins would be comparing Aretha Franklin's version of Macarthur Park (which you can find on youtube) with Donna's.

Donna was a wild child and a hippie at heart, even when she became born again. It was alright with her, so it's alright with me.

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