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10 July 2012





leaves me wanting more. i was hoping for an interview...

Chitown Kev

I don't know if I can spare the money for the album now, but I will try.

I love this song; a fusion of so many things (old fashioned R&B crooning, gospel, folk music) with a black gay touch and theme....so much better than much of the mess on the charts nowadays.

Mel Smith

I ordered 3 copies of his album!!!

Black Pegasus

I'll give the album a try, but I'll have to wait until the July 17th release date because I'm not an Apple itunes shopper. I buy my music on Amazon's MP3 store and it's not there yet. :-(

John From London

I was practically in tears watching that earlier. Glad to say Frank is blowing up something crazy this side of the pond too.

John From London

By the way, in case you didn't know, Frank's album is streaming on his Tumblr account right now:



Frank just solidified his place in TV, music, performance, Black, gay, and LGBTQ history. CONGRATS an awesome job.


John From London, I WAS IN TEARS! I cried to sleep, listening to a man sing HIM so sweetly. Got up this morning and bought the cd! #PLATINUM #TRUTH!


OMG, that was amazing...I will be buying his cd

Chitown Kev

I do have to add I loved, Loved, LOVED the Bob Dylanesque way that his voice cracks...he really felt this.

John From London

RevKev... I *do* believe this is a game-changer! Much love to my LBGT folk across the ocean. Peace. x x x

Mel Smith

Boycott Target for not selling Frank Ocean's CD!!!


I will buy this cd to support this wonderful strong young gay man. The song was beautiful and so is he. And I have already boycotted Target for selling cds by those Jamaican House Musicians who sing about murdering gay men.


I bought this album! It is AHHHMAZING! Love the song "Forrest Gump" ... give it a listen!


Frank Ocean is amazing. I feel sorry for all the people that doubted this beautiful, young man. He could wound up being the next Adele but with a serious twist. His courage inspires me, his talent moves me and his energy and light are so precious and rare. He is the future of music and I'm so happy his personal life is on this world stage for everyone to see and realize that love is love. Man to woman, woman to woman or man to man is all love and comes from the highest of highs. His voice is soothing and electric at the same time. Honey, if this is lightning in a bottle, I'm so ready to get struck.

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