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17 August 2012


Derrick from Philly

Fascinating. Thanks, Rod.

I saw Nina Simone only once, but she wasn't performing. She made a visit here to our campus in the early nineties. I forgot what she was doing, but I remember how regal she was.

I remember there were two Caribbean guys standing next to me who were making fun of her speaking style. They said, "listen to her. She's trying to speak like us." Yes, the Priestess had great style.

But like all great divas she could be mean as hell when she wanted to be. But when you have the US government spying on you and harassing you...well, I guess you learn to be fierce.


Even if the film reveals to the world that Cliff Henderson was gay, I don't think this will be too much of a shock to many of the High Priestess of Soul's fans, as Nina was affectionately known "back in the day."

The BIG backlash, I fear, is going to come from the casting of Dominican-Puerto Rican actress, Zoe Saldana, as the choice for portraying Nina.....Trouble ahead.

Greg G

They're casting a light skinned Latina to portray a dark skin Black woman ... and we learn the supposed love story never was. Nina's companion and business partner was a gay man. Typical Hollywood bs.


Since the first time I saw Nina in 1963 she has been and still is my favorite singer.For me no one can compare. She was unique and singular and no one can replace her. I saw her perform five or six times in Michigan and New York. Hollywood biopics are usually not very accurate or good. Zoe Saldana would not be my choice to portray Nina Simone. Her version of I LOVES YOU PORGY is the classic one. I miss her singing and presence very much.


Why are people so ignorant that they can't understand that the MAJORITY of all black African were enslaved in LATIN America? Why are people so happy to roll around in ignorance like a pig in poop to comfort themselves?

Zoe Saldana is black. So what if she's also Latina? Latin is a culture. She grew up in the United States.

Why is it that we only hear this ignorant crap about women? I never hear a peep about Idris Elba playing an American. He's British but no one has a problem with him playing an American.

As for Zoe Saldan being light-skinned, get real. She's the same shade as Kerry Washington.

Greg G

@ Brad: No one said that Zoe Saldana was NOT a black Latina.

However, Nina Simone (as you can see above) was very dark, with full lips and a wide nose. She had very African features. Nina Simone was NOT light skinned and with long hair.

Bless your heart, though. Baby steps...


Who cares? It's going to be a boring movie that nobody cares to see and (most likely)will not get much critical recognition anyway. Biopics are mainly for those who want to have a visual idea (or feel or recording) of what some famous person must have been like as a person. Not something a whole lot of regular "spend money to go to the movies every week" people want to see.


I love Zoe(I really, really do) but I can't support her Nina. I know she will do a DAMN good job but if you're going to tell Nina's story, tell it right.

I still get chills watching the video for "Young, Gifted, and Black." You can see, hear, and feel Nina's love and her pain that song.


This movie is twenty-plus years too late for anyone to care. I always thought studios released movies based on an audience for the movies.

The only people who can really related to her, people in their mid-60's plus, do not go to movies as an overall who for this movie to have even a break-even mark. The dead give-away is the reason Mary J. Blige left the project. Can't really blame her.

Love her or hate her the truth about this bitch is a bitch is exactly (in real life) just what she was.

Honut Sinti

Yet, several years ago "The Help" was a sleeper hit, Oscar winner and was about 1960's black domestics in Mississippi.

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